Help, someone stole my photo

Our #1 question here (maybe tied with what to include in contracts and what to use for digital contracts) is what to do when your images are stolen/altered/used outside of license. 

Here's a good starter article. (I say starter because situations and approaches may vary. This is help you have context for potential options.) 

For more information please do a search for the hundreds. Yes. Hundreds of threads of people with this exact same question. It's a pervasive issue. It's posted no less than ten times a week in here (multiply that by how long this group has been around.... the past threads are a library y'all. Use it!) 

Bottom line. Never jump the gun to demand take down. Step back. Gather evidence. Consider having the infringement legally evaluated so you can see what you may be entitled to. Educate yourself on copyright infringement. 

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