What is the difference to buying through TLT and other sites that have TLT contracts?

Luckily for you - the contracts are relatively the same across the board.  They have the same level quality and attention to detail no matter where you purchase.   There are a few benefits to purchasing through TheLawTog.com over other sites. 

  • You can use advertised coupon codes (when available)
  • You can copy/paste into any system 
  • You will receive email support from TLT team and community (See the Legal Disclaimer)
  • There are way more options on TLT than through 3rd party sites
  • A subscription is not required to purchase from TheLawTog.com
  • You can guarantee downloads from TheLawTog.com are originals
  • You receive courtesy updates
  • You receive a courtesy account to always access your contract purchases

The benefits to purchasing on other sites include: already loaded for you, and potentially a cheaper rate (but balance this against the fact you have to pay for a subscription!)

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