Rescheduling Clause

This provision sort of goes along with the Cancellations provision.


If you allow rescheduling and your client wishes to do so, fill in the blank with the number of days they must inform you prior to the originally scheduled event. Make sure that it’s far enough in advance so that you can fill the originally-scheduled date and time with another client or event.

And this is just to apply to blanket rescheduling. For example: I once had a kid fall and break his arm on the way to the session. I wasn’t going to be mean and hold them to this contract because they physically couldn’t be there (they were in the hospital after all). This portion just covers how to handle regular, non-emergency reschedules. Like if their work schedule got messed up or something, they have to give you, the photographer, a certain number of days notice prior to the scheduled event to let you know that they can’t make it anymore.

Late Arrivals.

This section notes that if the client arrives late to the event, the amount of time that they’re late is the amount of time that’s going to be deducted from their allotted session time. So for example, if a client gets a 1-hour time block for the session and they’re 15 minutes late, they only get 45 minutes of shooting instead of the full hour. This is really important because your time as a photographer is very valuable, and you should know approximately how much you need to make per each hour of shooting to turn a profit. If you are ready for the client at the beginning of their scheduled hour and they’re 15 minutes late and you decide to extend the session an extra 15 minutes to account for their lateness, they’re still only paying for an hour of your time but really getting an hour and 15 minutes of your time (which is 25% of your time for free!). Not good. That’s why this provision stations “Clients shall not be compensated for the time deducted from the event,” – so the client can’t complain and you’re covered if they’re late and you reduce the shooting time to reflect that.

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