Completion Schedule Clause

This clause is really important because it outlines how many days, weeks, or months that prints, albums, canvases, and other products will take to be delivered to the client from the time that the client orders them. It also informs the client that they need to allow sufficient time to allow for normal delays, and that they need to notify you, the photographer, if there’s any reason they require a quicker turnaround. Examples of reasons why they would need a quicker turnaround would be if the product(s) is for an upcoming birthday gift or any other kind of gift, for Christmas presents, etc. – the list goes on. Because this provision says that the client needs to allow time for normal delays, if they order something from you and it’s not received on time due to issues at the printer or because of shipping delays (especially around Christmas) or something else outside of your control, this provision covers you and provides protection and gives you the ability to tell your client “See, I did inform you that this could happen.”

Expedited Fees for Completion.

I do, however, leave a blank here for you to fill in with a fee amount for any expedited orders that the client requests. Just figure out what works best for you, but here are some things to take into account when coming up with your expedited fee. First, check and see if any of your product suppliers have expedited fees too – that way you can make sure your expedited fee that you charge the client will cover the expedited fee that your supplier will charge you. Second, it would also be a good idea to make sure your expedited fee includes the cost of expedited shipping. And finally, if your client wants an order expedited, you’ll more than likely have to move their order to the top of your to-do list (in front of other orders for other clients), and you may have to work later a day or two to make sure the order is met. You want to make sure your extra time is compensated for this as well.

A good idea – make your expedited fee pretty high. That way, it will urge clients to not wait until the last minute and force them to plan things out a little bit better.

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